About Us

Just a little family, livin’ a little life.

Our adventures have taken us to Rwanda and back. We’re currently find the adventure as we transition State-side.


6 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Once………………………..whats that?

  2. Do you have good enough internet to do instant viewing? Netflix has a ton of instant view movies and shows and almost all the networks have their shows online now.

  3. We don’t have internet at our house and watching shows on the internet at school just doesn’t seem relaxing. Too bad

  4. Is this your most current wish list? If not could you please update it so that you don’t get the same movie twice…

  5. oh don’t worry…we keep this list up to date 😉

  6. wow- you are so cool! thank you for stopping by my blog, i will be looking forward to getting to know you more as i follow along! i was so curious where you lived when you said you missed the oregon coast, but i wasn’t expecting rwanda!!! 🙂

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