Getting in the dirt

We’ve called Ellie Jo “Aunt B’s Child” for a long time because she takes after my sister in so many ways. They have a similar childhood fascination with writing repetitive lines of “letters,” there are now photographs of them making the same silly faces and they both love love love to act. Just the other day EJ took a break from a long session of “playing Frozen” and confidentially said, “I really like pretending to be someone in the movie.”

Rainier, it turns out, is going to favor his Uncle Jeffrey. Nobody suspected it until springtime brought on the outside activities. And then we discovered that this kid loves dirt! He loves to eat it, he loves to dig in it, he loves to push it around and he loves to walk on it with his bare feet. When he gets into the dirt his eyes light up with excitement. Dirt makes him happy. He’s been spending a lot of time in it.

Last night we all got out to dig in the dirt as a family. The soil was ready and our garden plants needed to be tucked in (as my dad would say). Ellie Jo danced around and tried to help and Rainier flung dirt everywhere. Robin patiently separated the million Walla-Walla sweet onions that I impulsively purchased and we tried to figure out how to keep the dog from eating the cucumber leaves (why does he like those anyway?). The garden is much smaller than what I grew up with, but it is ours and it is going to provide some tasty meals over the next few months.

To use another Dad-ism, “Grow, babies, grow.”



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