Community in this moment

 Crawling, crawling, crawling. Uncle Lukie is making music. Must get to that open door.

Rainier lives in community. He is determined to experience life by copying and experimenting with the activities of the people around him. His sees so many possibilities in their mundane.

Ellie Jo is dipping her grilled cheese in tomato soup? Rainier taps one end of his sandwich down in the soup and then brings it up to bite off the other end. Dab, dab, bite. One end getting soggier and soggier while the other end disappears in little nibbles.

Juba is chewing on an old bone? Rainier tries to hold onto the bone as it disappears into the dog’s mouth. Waiiiiiling ensues when tooth connects with skin. Juba looks sadly confused. Rainier is indignant and surprised (for the hundredth time).

Momma likes talking on the phone? Rainier plays with a phone and bashes Momma on the head as he repeatedly tries to put it up to her ear. But this is where it goes!

Daddy puts a record on the turntable? Rainier scrambles with his bare feet against the stacks of records – trying to climb up and place that needle himself. Over and over and over.

I love watching my kids learn from their community.


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