Birthday time again…with kids

I love my kids. I love snuggling with them in the morning and knowing that waking up with me is a happy place for them. I love watching Rainier learn to eat and Ellie Jo learn to draw (notice the lovely artwork on my birthday card!). I love reading books all together on the couch. I love putting Rainier in a carrier and going for a walk with EJ. I love having dance parties to In the Hall of the Mountain King or Katy Perry or the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. I love kissing Rain’s chubby soft cheeks.

But two kids is bringing me into the realm of the Touched-Out Momma.

I had heard that such a thing was possible. I fully believed that it was possible. But even during the months and months when I was pretty much constantly attached to Ellie Jo I never experienced feeling touched-out. I never had a knee jerk reaction to pull away when a child put their hand on my neck for the 50th time that day. I never got to the end of the day and reveled in feeling alone. I never raced to lock the door when I used the toilet.

Now, I am the Touched-Out Momma. And Robin knew just what to do for the Touched-Out Momma’s birthday.

He took me to a tea shop, alone.

He gave me unlimited time.

I sat at a beautiful slate tea bar and drank cup after tiny white porcelain cup of tea: oolong, puerh, smokey Lapsang Souchong (tasted like the smoke in beef jerky. SO interesting).

I chatted with the knowledgeable shopkeeper about Rwandan tea and my love of strong black tea.

I took tea recommendations for my kombucha brewing.

I relaxed without worrying about spilled tea or backwash or needing to go read Oh, the Places You’ll Go! for the 3rd time today.

And Touched-Out Momma melted away.

I returned to the kids with 4 new bags of tea, a beautiful tea cup and a renewed measure of I-am-the-adult-so-I-need-to-act-like-one patience.

Everybody wins on Momma’s birthday.


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