A Letter to Amy and book thoughts

This morning at breakfast EJ said, “‘A girl…ugh!’ said Eddie.” It wasn’t in the context of anything. She was just eating her half of kiwi and all of the sudden, out popped the quote.

Of course, without context, I couldn’t figure out what she was saying. “A girluh?” “Ag earl sedie?” I figured it out piece by piece. It’s a quotation from A Letter to Amy by Ezra Jack Keats. It’s one of our favorite books (I think it’s one of the most poignant children’s books in our collection) and we read it a lot.

I’ve always wondered when Ellie Jo would notice the boy/girl issue when Amy arrives at Peter’s birthday party. It’s Peter’s friend Eddie that makes the statement EJ quoted. She giggled a lot when I finally figured out what she was saying and we spent a little while talking about playing with boys and girls. I got the feeling that she never understood that part of the book and wanted to talk about why someone would say that. Even after our conversation she doesn’t understand, but that’s alright with me. She’ll understand soon enough.

The number of book quotations that Ellie Jo keeps in her head for referencing is constantly amazing to me. She’s referred to The Little House to understand how Ft. Vancouver was the first building in our city and then the city grew up around it. She has used, “Go dogs, go! The light is green now!” in the car. She sings the ditty from Pajama Time sometimes as she gets ready for bed. She could “read” all of Are You My Mother? by 2 1/2 and can probably “read” most of the If You Give a Mouse A… books now. She has a whole collection of candy-themed Kevin Henkes books that she will quote quite willingly.

I love how much she loves book. I love the things that she learns from her books. I’m dying to start reading chapter books together, but I think I’ll wait a little bit. I already have James Herriot’s Treasury for Children for her Christmas “read” gift and I think it will be the perfect place to start with longer stories.

Any other suggestions?


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