A birthday and a half

Rain’s half birthday is just one day after Robin’s birthday. We celebrated them both with a big family day out at my parents’ farm. Robin got to watch football and press apples and carve pumpkins with Ellie Jo. Rainier got to entertain Grandma and TRY FOOD!

My little apple blossom baby got to eat an apple from Grandpa’s trees. Hard to believe that his life has now encompassed the entire life cycle of those apples. I expected Rainier to make faces and spit out the apple and then go back to entertaining everyone. That’s kind of what happened. Except the every meal since has found him hungrily yelling and grabbing food. No longer is he content to play on the floor at mealtimes. He has tasted what is good and he must have more! I’m happy to let him develop his palette and try everything…it’s just such a big change from the way his sister approached food that I’m a bit unprepared. Time to start used Weelicious for more meal planning I guess.

Robin’s birthday was another chance for us to process more of our reentry. It’ll probably be years before I can make his chicken fried steak without mentally preparing myself for the power to shut off at any moment. This was also the first year of our marriage that I felt like I was really able to buy gifts for him. In Rwanda it always felt like his birthday was so soon after our summer in the States that I couldn’t think of anything to give him and there wasn’t time to order anything. Last year we didn’t have any money! But this year I had fun buying him things that I knew he would love and buying them just days before his birthday. I felt like such a slacker to be shopping *only* five days before. Doh.

Now to have a little downtime while I adjust to my eating baby and my husband who is enjoying his new NFL subscription.


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