EJ’s Baby Rock


Our front yard is basically a rock garden. It’s ugly and encourages weed growth like none other, but Ellie Jo loves playing in the rocks. She putters around in the pea gravel and plays in the bird bath and lays down to watch the clouds. Who needs Pinterest for sensory play ideas when you have a rock garden, right?

Last week Eej decided that this large rock was her “rock baby.” She originally wrapped it in a cloth napkin and hauled it around for a whole afternoon. They seemed to have all kinds of adventures outside. I wasn’t part of them, but I eavesdropped a bit because it was so entertaining to hear her narrating their play while she tried to keep from dropping Rock Baby on her toes.

However, once I tried to enter her play by commenting, “Wow, your baby has really soft hair!” while patting her baby’s head, she gave me a funny look. “Ummm, it doesn’t have any hair. It’s just a PRETEND baby.”

Pretend or not, Rock Baby has stuck around. I’m impressed by her dedication to such a heavy object.


3 Responses to “EJ’s Baby Rock”

  1. Oh, how this post makes me laugh! Back in the day, Bea used to do something very similar, and I hadn’t thought about it in YEARS! Thank you for sharing such a charming episode of Ellie Jo’s life!

  2. I love it. Also, I just want to say that I am so glad Ellie Jo still sleeps with a pacifier. I have been feeling a bit guilty that we haven’t take Bethany’s away yet. It’s nice to know we aren’t the only parents out there who are choosing quality sleep over potential braces.

    • Oh, goodness, I hadn’t even thought about the binky being in the picture! Hahaha. Since we missed any sort of window of taking away her binky when she was tiny, we’ve let her keep it until she could understand giving it up. The two she has are almost chewed up and she knows that there won’t be any more coming. I’m just glad my kids like them. 😛

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