Sending her off

Friday morning I got the call that this Urchin was at the top of the waiting list for her preschool class and could actually begin school in 4 days. FOUR DAYS!!! I had four days to prepare for something that I wasn’t anticipating until January. Four days to wrap my momma heart around the idea that someone else was going to be my child’s source of information for 3 1/2 hours. Four days to buy school supplies and prepare her disaster kit of food. Four days to watch her through eyes that finally began to see her independence and maturity. Really, my firstborn has grown up and is ready, really and truly ready to be sent off.

This morning she did something that I have never done. Her 3 year old self marched into a classroom and happily embraced a brand new environment without any familiar faces. The home schooler in me was anxious. The part of me that knows my child was excited for her exploration.

Part of our family mission statement talks about celebrating community and “encouraging wonder.” These are our guiding principles in sending her to “ksool.” We want her to have a solid foundation for her life of community interactions and we want her to begin now with having diverse experiences. The home school part of my brain tells me a million reasons why I could accomplish that myself, all of which are true. But for our family, at this point in time, we wholly believe that THIS is the way to go. I love the way Montessori programs encourage wonder and lead children through their curiosity in this communal environment.

EJ returned home under duress. She wanted to stay. She wanted to eat lunch there. She had no desire to return home.

I’d say today was a success.


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