First Foods…gah

Big sister adores planning food for little brother. She’s been plotting to feed him Dutch Babies as his first breakfast since before he was born. She includes food for him every time she makes pretend meals. There’s always a sandwich for Rainier or a little bowl of soup or a cup of tea for Rainier. Woe is Momma if she tries to sneak that food on the side!

When Rain was 3 weeks old I found suspicious chocolate crumbs on his lips. Jo jo INSISTED that she wasn’t feeding him, “dust putting dem on his yips!”

But this week she finally took things a step further. Using a carrot she carefully attempted to push blueberry smoothie into his mouth. I probably wouldn’t have noticed what was happening except that she started making little frustrated noises when his lips wouldn’t cooperate with her plan.

Sorry, little buddy. It’s the life of a second born.


One Response to “First Foods…gah”

  1. Oh, this made me laugh and laugh! Too funny! Great story!

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