Beach Trip

Our family spent the last weekend out at the Oregon coast with my mom’s side of the family. Ellie Jo was somewhat convinced that we’d moved permanently into a wonderful house full of all of her favorite people with the ocean at a convenient distance away. It was really that good.

The weekend was full of normal family hijinks: nerf dart wars, foosball and ping pong games, whipped cream attacks, book reading, putt-putt golf games, singing and loud laughter. Daniel introduced us to “Suitjamas” and, I must say, he pulls them off pretty well. Kelsey (Jeffrey’s girlfriend) and Alyssa read books to EJ to her hearts content. Grandpa Cash was in a neck brace, but said he fully enjoyed sitting in one place and watching all of the family time unfold around him.

Vacations with littles seem like so. much. work. upfront, but have so much payoff in the end. I felt like a crazy person when I was packing and realized just how much gear I needed to brig for two kids in diapers, plus clothes, plus extra beach clothing, plus food, plus blankets…I’ve never packed blankets for a trip before, but now it seems like we can’t go anywhere without a picnic blanket, a quilt for Rainier to sleep on, a soft blanket for his carseat and maybe another blanket for Eej. Goodness. But watching Ellie Jo’s wonder at the beach, getting to hear her talk about sand as, “yittle poky things,” listening to Rainier chat and laugh with the cousins and watching my grandparents love on my kids made all of the work totally worth it.

The steamer clams on the last night were totally worth it too. Too bad Ellie Jo has such a well developed taste for seafood…


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