Baby Outlook


Rainier is a baby introvert. He loves to have his own space and spend time quietly looking around or just relaxing. It has been hard to learn to put him down and give him that space because it seems so counter intuitive (and SO counter to what baby Ellie Jo needed!). I have to remind myself that it is possible to bond with a baby even when you aren’t holding them 24/7! This is what my child needs and my job is to meet his needs.

One of my first experiences with his intense need for space was when we tried to see Star Trek when he was six weeks old. Previously I’d joked about how he liked to have his evening down time, but I figured he wasn’t terribly attached to it. Then I spent over half an hour walking the hallways of Regal Cinema with a screaming baby who was fed, dry and awake and wanted down, now! Nobody looks very hard at the carpet or counter tops in a movie theater and that is probably a good thing because they are all stained, sticky and gross. I couldn’t put him down anywhere. Lesson learned.

Last night we were out for Thai food. Rainier became inconsolable. After several trips walking him around the parking lot, trying to nurse him and changing his diaper I finally laid him down on the seat of the car. He was instantly quiet. Oh, right, hello my introvert. I took him back inside the restaurant, laid his blanket on the table and let him observe Daddy’s rice bowl for the entire meal. I wish I had been able to get a picture of his tiny baby self holding his head up surrounded by curry and pad thai, glasses, plates and bowls. He was perfectly content.

This is going to be another interesting kid.


One Response to “Baby Outlook”

  1. I feel your pain of having a baby introvert. My MIL just couldn’t understand why I didn’t rock Bethany to sleep. It wasn’t until we were actually staying at her house and she tried doing it herself that she realized Bethany will not fall asleep unless she is put down by herself and not being touched. I am very much hoping this next one will cuddle with me.

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