It’s been one year


June – our leaving/returning month. It’s been nearly one year since I posted the picture of 3 of us walking down a dusty road in Rwanda. We walked away from our home, our friends and our life toward an unknown life in America.

We called this last year our “Year of Health.” We took life at a slower pace. We went to weekly counseling sessions. We focused on “undercommitting.” Many days it was difficult to remember the life we left in Rwanda without feeling sad. We worked through feelings of guilt and failure. We treasured extended time with family and delighted in experiencing seasons for the first time in 4 years.

And, now, look at us! We’ve welcomed baby Rainier into the family (two months old today!),  moved into a lovely house (six weeks ago today)  and feel welcomed into a wonderful community of friends.

We still have pieces of Rwanda in our lives. I *finally* found a kitchen trash can that I deemed suitable to purchase and only later realized that it is a Rwanda trash can – just a red bucket with lid. Robin had a moment of worry yesterday when I tried to download a music album and he wanted to know if the internet was fast enough for the download to finish by evening. Every time we take a trip Ellie Jo wants to know if we’re going to “a wanda.” Our bottle opener, kitchen trivets and bathroom bags are all from Rwanda. Rainier’s first baby blanket was crocheted by a friend in Rwanda.

Yes, Rwanda is still with us.

We plan to focus our next year around building community. Rwanda taught us a lot about community and we’re ready to continue those lessons in a new environment. Our little house and back yard have already hosted separate visits from Robin’s sister and parents, several play dates for Ellie Jo and more dinner gatherings than I can count. We are very very content.


3 Responses to “It’s been one year”

  1. Darling picture of your sweet babies! Thanks for the thoughtful update! It sounds like life is all you could hope for it to be.

  2. What a great post Amy. I hope this next year brings stronger roots in your chosen community and many, many blessings!

  3. Fills my heart with joy–love all four of you!

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