The Holiday Season


We had the best holiday season that I could have imagined with a 2 1/2 year old. We didn’t have to go anywhere!!! Everybody came to us and it was wonderful. My sister and BIL got to spend 2 weeks up from L.A. Ellie Jo was beyond excited to wake them up every morning. The very first morning she sprang out of bed saying, “I yuv it! I yuv Oncle Naathaan! I lllllllove Oncle Naathaan!”

Our family tradition of 4 gifts per person (want, need, wear, read) made our first Christmas in America surprisingly low-stress. I didn’t feel pressure to find lots of awesome presents just because we could actually buy things that were larger than a flat rate box. We spent weeks going to thrift stores once or twice a week to find tiny tea cups for a little tea set for EJ. We also found most of our “to read” gifts at thrift stores as well. Although that plan backfired a bit when EJ and I returned from one such trip and, when Robin asked what we did at Goodwill, Ellie Jo responded with a sigh, “Not finding any books for daddy.”

The baby has become noticeably active over the last month. Aside from the typical dance party when I go to bed, the baby has started responding to music and pressure from Ellie Jo sitting on my lap. We went to see Les Miserables last week and Baby was really active during the first half. Apparently, though, all the gunfire and loud noises in the second half were quite boring and I didn’t feel another kick for the rest of the movie.

Our family is looking forward to a new year, a new chapter of our life in America and a brand new life joining our little adventure. I’ll keep you updated.


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