Making Music

One of our family pastimes is to enjoy music, in all its forms. I guess it’s almost a value that we hold. We believe that music has a unique ability to express emotion and we want to be able to tap into that. We want to be able to appreciate the music of others while being able to produce music ourselves.

Ellie Jo is already immersed in music. She went to her first concert at 5 weeks. She has very specific taste in bedtime songs (the more depressing a folk song, the more she likes it). She has her own playlist of favorite songs that include Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah,” Josh Ritter’s “Darlin'” and The Lumineers’ “Dead Sea.” She *loves* to play music with Uncle Luke and Aunt Marie (pictured) and often takes her little Rwandan drum to church to accompany them when they lead music during the service. It’s so sweet to watch her play with abandon.

Robin and I have been enjoying the live music experience that is unattainable overseas. We’ve gone to almost a concert a month since returning to the Northwest, everything from jazz to alt rock to folk.  Live music helps to loosen up all those stuck emotions that clog during our transition and helps rejuvenate us when we’re tired of the uncertainty.

Last night was the best concert, by far. We went to see Sara Watkins (a former member of Nickle Creek) and special guests. Aoife O’Donovan (who worked on the Goat Rodeo Sessions with Yo-Yo Ma and Chris Thile and can be seen in this amazing video) was the opening soloist and joined in on numerous songs throughout the evening. Sara is incredibly fun to watch by herself because of her great musicality and the fact that she doesn’t seem to have outgrown her bluegrass roots of stomping and swaying while she plays, but she is so generous about sharing the stage that it makes the whole evening feel like a treat. I’ve never felt so much joy rolling off the stage and into the audience. It was incredibly contagious!

Someday, maybe, we’ll make music together as a family. For now we’re going to keep encouraging EJ to experiment and we’re going to enjoy the creativity of others.



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