Finding the Adventure

Ellie Jo sure seems to be finding the excitement in each of our new adventures. Some days she makes the transition so difficult by saying, “Pete?” or “Rwanda. My. Home.” But most of the time her enthusiasm proves contagious.

This weekend she had her first Grandma/Granddaughter date with my mom when they went to a small parade. She saw a firetruck, clowns, marching band and Uncle Daniel in a lion costume, all for the first time. She came home full of stories and smiles. It made me wish I’d gone along.

EJ also loved spending time with her cousin Abigail. They had two weeks together teaching each other to share, eat more, talk more and greet Poppa at the door with lots of hugs. Abby definitely helped Ellie Jo realize “Oh, kids should talk a lot!” and her vocabulary has exploded in the following weeks.

Right now, watching Ellie Jo explore this new life is helping me to ease into it myself. I desperately want to find a routine and for Robin to find a job, but I don’t want to miss out on all of this family time while we are in limbo. Watching Ellie Jo laugh and look for new things to enjoy is helping me to let go of my expectations. So we’re somewhat directionless, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun!


3 Responses to “Finding the Adventure”

  1. This pic is wildly fun! Is there such an age difference between her and her cousin? Or did she suddenly realize that she could string more words together? I love the beads and farmer tan! Here’s hoping you can settle soon, so she can see her regular things hung on walls and set on shelves. But it’s a good life as long as you’re all together, right? 🙂

  2. I’ve come back several times to see if there have been any updates. But I must admit, I’m kind of glad there haven’t been – because it means I get to see this picture pop up first. It really makes me smile.

  3. I’m into that perspective.
    Life first.

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