Two weeks into the transition

Our family is all over the map right now. Ellie Jo is tired of meeting new people, but happily feasts on good Southern coleslaw every chance she gets. Robin still feels like he’s on vacation and I find myself obsessing over the things the I left un-done in Rwanda. The pen/pencil shelf didn’t get emptied! I left 5 liters of milk in the fridge! We are all tired to telling people good-bye.

Our trip back was wonderfully easy. The trek down each airplane aisle was difficult because we were lugging 6 carry-on bags and a reluctant toddler, but those were the most difficult moments. We continued to love the quiet layover in the baby room in the Amsterdam airport. And I wish I had a picture of us as we exited customs on Dallas with all of our luggage and HUGE dog crate loaded on three trollies. It was a momentous returning moment.

We’re vacationing now. It feels very strange to be in the States and knowing that we won’t be leaving any time soon. It’s especially difficult to communicate to people just how much LIFE we LIVED in Rwanda. America is a vacation – it isn’t home. But saying that is a great way to kill conversation. So we end up smiling a lot and not saying very much.

The good thing about America? Family, family, friends. Nothing beats learning to play Rock Band with siblings or texting my sister any time I want or having a crystal clear Skype call with someone dear.


One Response to “Two weeks into the transition”

  1. {hugs} mama<3 praying for continued peace, smooth transitions and beautiful vision for your family!
    Also??? STOKED you are coming my way:)

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