Packing Madness

This was our living room this weekend. Some good friends have offered to take a few trunks back for us and that means everything will make it back. Woo-hoo! We wanted to get the bulk of the packing out of the way over the weekend so we could spend as much time with friends this week as we wanted. So far that looks like a really good plan.

The only things left to do:
-Sell the car. We have several interested parties, but nobody has signed a contract yet.
-Get Juba’s health certificate. He needs the vet to clear him to fly within 10 days of the flight. We’re in that window already!
-Have the yard mowed.
-De-worm the family.
-Print pictures for Theo.

4 1/2 days.


One Response to “Packing Madness”

  1. I was wondering about Juba, I’m so glad he get to come home with you. How sad it would have been to have to leave part of your family behind.

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