Restaurants – thing we will/will not miss

For me, restaurants require some of the biggest adjustments between Rwanda and America. This picture shows Ellie Jo watching a chef at Ogopogo making pizza to be cooked in the wood fired oven. There’s no way you’d find a kitchen like this in the States!

Things I love about restaurants in Rwanda:
-There are waiters *everywhere* and they LOVE to watch Ellie Jo. Restaurants are a great place for her to run off some energy, have her picture taken on multiple cell phones and make new friends. Sometimes she gets to visit the kitchen (I never get to go!) and comes back with treats.
-There is usually a long wait between ordering and receiving food. I like knowing that my food was actually prepared during that time and I really like the time for conversation. I always feel like restaurant meals in the States are so rushed.
-Sparkling water! It’s hard to find sparkling water in the States and, even if it could be found, “club soda” is such a boring name. “Fizzy water” is cheap and makes me feel like I’ve ordered something more expensive.
-I really enjoy the fact that nearly all restaurants are just a covered porch. It is rare that we eat in a completely enclosed space. I love the fresh air.

Things I will not miss about restaurants in Rwanda
-Despite the number of waiters standing around, it can be surprisingly difficult to actually get one to take your order.
-Often times restaurants cannot actually cook everything on their menu. If the item sounds exotic (like shrimp) then it probably “is not available.” Also, sometimes the waiter will take your order and return 10 or 15 MINUTES later to tell you that the selection is not available. Sometimes I just want to scream when I see a waiter walking back to the table.
-Ordering chicken at a restaurant is always an adventure. Sometimes the chicken is actually in little chunks, but it is generally 1/2 a chicken with the bones and everything. The chickens aren’t exactly “plump” so it take a lot of picking to find the meat.

We’re trying to eat out these days at our favorite restaurants and enjoy the good things and laugh about the bad things. 8 days!


One Response to “Restaurants – thing we will/will not miss”

  1. I get 12-packs of sparkling water (both plain and lemon-lime) at Fred Meyers for Doug. Safeway has them also, but he likes Freddie’s better. Looking forward to seeing you when you make it back to the PNW.

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