ISK Spring Fair

Who could resist buying something from this cute little saleswoman?

We sold most of our remaining household items at the Spring Fair yesterday. The Christmas tree and ornaments were the very first thing to go. The small kitchen appliances took a little bit longer. One woman deliberated over the crock pot for hours before finally buying it at the very end. How could she turn it down? It is 220 voltage! We finally started giving away the cds because nobody would take them. It really is amazing how digital downloads have changed the way people share/purchase/enjoy music.

Nearly all of the remaining items in our house are sold/spoken for. Everything else is either going with us or being given away at the very end. I’m starting to make a list of the item we’ll need to buy State-side to “start over.” Pillows are currently topping that list!

3 weeks.


3 Responses to “ISK Spring Fair”

  1. Wow! So close for you and your family! Hope the move goes smoothly. Any ideas yet where you’ll end up?

    • At this point it looks like we’ll end up in the Portland, OR area. Robin has some teaching applications out and he’s getting responses so it looks positive.

  2. Wonderful! What a change it’ll be for Ellie Jo to live in the states for a while!

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