Things We Can’t Do in America

For example: play in a tub of water in the middle of the living room on a hot day.

We’re starting to list things that we can’t do in America and enjoy them for now.

– Eat peanut sauce and matoke
– Buy South African wine inexpensively
– Watch crested cranes and sunbirds play in the yard
– Unconciously answer basic questions in French/buy meat in French
– Buy cell phone airtime on street corners from men in yellow vests
– Drink maracuja juice
– Commission wooden furniture because it is the cheapest option
– Buy beautiful baskets and blue pottery
– Always go to sleep in the dark
– Request mechanics to make house calls
– Enjoy house-wide tile floors
– Watch daily activities come to a standstill when a rainstorm blows in
-Receive weekly milk deliveries
– Ask Theo to keep an eye on a napping Ellie Jo while I run errands
– Breakfast on pain danois
– Pop around the corner to borrow a cup of sugar from the Beck’s

One Response to “Things We Can’t Do in America”

  1. Great list! You are making me miss Kigali šŸ™‚ Wish I could join you for Saturday lunch at AfricaBite. I think tea should be on the list too!

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