5th Grade Field Day

Jacob’s 5th graders spent the morning at our house. Our table “guestbook” is covered with signatures and countries-of-origin like Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Holland, Uganda and Eritrea. I’m also pretty sure that none of them had eaten guacamole in their life – thus the half-gallon left in my fridge.

We laughed over so many things: how impossible it is for 5th graders to keep things neat and not spill lunch fixings all over the porch, how only in 5th grade will lining up from shortest to tallest result in all girls in the back of the line, how they try to play cool, but can be so easily enticed into a screaming game of Red Rover.

Ellie Jo and Juba both took a while to warm up to the hoard. It didn’t help that they were constantly the center of attention. I finally let Juba take a nap in his crate. EJ, on the other hand, blossomed under the attention and, by the end of the visit, was leading all 13 kids around the living room blowing a little whistle in her mouth. Somehow she figured out how to make the whistle work for the first time ever just when it garnered her the most attention. What a ham.


3 Responses to “5th Grade Field Day”

  1. 1. Ellie Jo and the whistle crack me up. HILARIOUS!
    2. Often when I read your blog, I am amazed about what all I don’t know about the rest of the world… I had to google Burkin Faso. True story.
    3. Guac is culinary magic. I’m glad these kids at least got exposed to it! (Feel free to send along your leftovers!)

  2. People are going to think I am a 5th grader…

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