Mother’s Day 2012

I snapped this as we walked to our weekly worship time. Our compound is that first fence on the right. The road is a wreck right now because of some ill-advised dirt spreading coupled with a late rainy season.

My mother’s day was, thankfully, nothing like last year. We had a fun breakfast out and a normal Sunday afternoon/evening. Ellie Jo was her typical talkative, silly self.

I’m really savoring these last weeks in Rwanda. I’m doing a little bit of packing and a little bit of saying good-bye, but mostly I’m drinking in the moments. I’m enjoying the plates of fresh fruit. I’m relishing the afternoon romps in the yard. I’m watching the weather blow across the valley. I’m using my toddler’s curiosity to help me play and enjoy where we’re at.

We were able to spend yesterday savoring as a family. The crested crane spent most of the day in the yard and provided lots of entertainment. Juba was playful and spent the evening fetching a ball. The waiter at breakfast played with Ellie Jo and showed her the kitchen. Robin had one of his last glasses of maracuja juice. I enjoyed the quiet pace of the day.

6 1/2 weeks.


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