Flying with a Toddler

Last summer our flights were SUPER easy. Ellie Jo fell asleep in her carrier and slept in the bassinet attached to the wall. She was still in the two-naps-a-day stage so she slept a lot. The wakeful times were filled with trips to the back of the plane to snag snacks, books and visiting with seat-mates.

This year should be significantly different. Ellie Jo has her own seat and, while we probably won’t take her car seat on board, she will have more space to herself. She will still fall asleep in her carrier, but won’t need nearly as much sleep.

I plan on bringing 5 of her favorite books, some snacks, some colors/paper and her doll. There is an off chance that we’ll be able to borrow an iPhone so she can have some of her beloved Sesame Street Podcasts when things get rough.

It’s still 18 hours of flying to consider. Any other ideas?

2 Responses to “Flying with a Toddler”

  1. One of my friends brought along a small “new” toy for every hour they were going to be in the car. So every hour her child got something “new”. Of course if may be a little more difficult to bring 18 new things with you on the plane but even every two hours may help keep Ellie Jo occupied. Also, I don’t know how easy it is to find second hand or cheap “dollar store” type toys in Africa. Good luck! I hope if goes well for all of you.

  2. Do they let people have pipe cleaners on planes? When Abigail and I went to Iowa by ourselves I remember snacks, books, and pipe cleaners keeping her well occupied.

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