RaeAn’s Kwita Izina

On Sunday we attended a party to welcome RaeAn into her new family. A kwita izina is a traditional Rwandan naming ceremony. While RaeAn didn’t receive a new Rwandan name (as far as I could tell) it was a fun time to gather and celebrate the Crowson’s adoption journey.

Ellie Jo and RaeAn spent far more time running around the compound than they did actually sitting around and listening to speeches.


One Response to “RaeAn’s Kwita Izina”

  1. I’m mostly speechless due to the level of adorableness in this photo. The little Chinese outfit is beyond cute, and with the mismatched shoes plus Ellie Jo’s curls and chocolately cheeks… seriously darling.

    Congratulations to both RaeAn and her family!!

    This naming ceremony is interesting. Does Ellie Jo have a Rwandan name, too?

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