The Road Goes On

Robin and I have come to the realization that our family is being called away from Rwanda. We felt that our move here was a step of faith and we’ve always said that leaving would have to come from the same kind of leading. Three weeks ago a conversation happened that woke us both up to the fact that we are definitely being led away.

We don’t know for sure where we will end up. We do know that we need to spend some time State-side before we head out on another international adventure. We really want to give Ellie Jo a lot of time around family for a while.

We have less than 9 weeks left in this country and the roller coaster of emotions has already left the loading platform. We daily experience the anticipation of being closer to family and the excitement over getting to eat cheese whenever we want. We also look at all of the unknowns involved in this move and wonder what in the world we’re thinking!

We love almost every part of our life in Rwanda. Most of our married life has been spent here. Our little family grew here. We know how to grocery shop and how to buy airtime for phones and internet. We have dear friends and happy pets. But we also feel very sure  that all of this growth as a family is for a reason and the time has come to continue growing somewhere else. So we’re off!

3 Responses to “The Road Goes On”

  1. Wow! But isn’t this the wonderful part of being young? Your daughter will accept as normal whatever global experience you give her. Already she is better traveled and culturally aware than many adults. Who knows what life has in store for you all? Please keep us up to date on your adventures and best wishes! (Your cheese comment made me laugh… perhaps Switzerland should be your new home 🙂 ).

  2. Well, life is an ongoing series of adjustments. You either adapt or you shrivel up and become dust. Maybe you can come on “home” to Clark County for a spell while new oppportunities develop, and eventually you can relaunch from here. Wherever you settle you must allow God and family and friends be a part of your changing life. The ability to adjust and refocus makes more certain your ability to thrive wherever you live. The fields are ripe in many places, and you will find welcome of many kinds in each new dwelling place. Meanwhile, all those blessings are here and waiting for you. Papa John

  3. WOW!!! Just catching up on your blog and came across this big news! I know you will find amazing ways to serve and give and grow where ever you land. But it has been a gift to share this small bit of the exact same continent with family for awhile. Love you guys!

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