Events of Friends

In our life we are surrounded by a lot of people who do a lot of cool things. The girls in this picture are working out in Nayanza and let us visit this weekend. They are 3rd year Peace Corps volunteers working with the Rwandan government to create English language classes for government workers. Pretty cool.

Then there is our world-traveling bicyclist friend, Matt, who just finished his ride around the world. The picture at the top of this new article makes me cry. When he stayed with us back in September he was already *so* excited to be home. I’m so happy that he made it.

Our roommate Jacob is getting ready for a year long internship to learn about natural home building. He’ll be working on the West Coast for the next year. I can’t wait to see where that ends up taking him!

And finally there is our friend Ryan who is letting the world know what it’s like to be living with/dying of cancer. His recent posts have been stunning in their honesty. Their family is always a topic in our house.

Who is cool around you?


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