Favorite Lullabies

Robin and I take turns putting Ellie Jo to bed. We both sing to her, but I think we have slightly different lists of songs. My list looks like this:

5 songs that my mom used to sing to us*
I love you so much
Go to sleep my baby
Goodnight, Ellie Jo (adapted from Goodnight, Anna Beth)
Goodnight my Ellie (adapted from Goodnight my Jeffrey)

Baby Mine (from Dumbo)

Nearer, still nearer

I usually stop singing after Nearer, still nearer and just walk until I can feel the heaviness of her sleep. It’s a peaceful time.

*Daniel’s song is not included in this list because “Oh Danny Boy,” sadly, does not translate well into EJ’s name.


6 Responses to “Favorite Lullabies”

  1. What? That’s not my song. My song is Goon Night My Someone. So I think you should add it to the list! 🙂

  2. *Good

  3. So fun to remember all of our baby goodnight songs! Daniel and I just sang all of them and Jeffrey’s is the barbershop tune “Goodnight Ladies” with the last line of “it’s time to go to sleep” and Daniel’s is the “Goodnight My Someone” from Music Man with the words personalized. But I see he has already made you aware of his indignation 🙂

  4. Wow, Ellie Jo has a lot of uncles (and an auntie)! I don’t know how your mom kept them all straight!
    What a cutie in her footie pajamas with her puppy by her side!

  5. I definitely sing “Good Night my Ellie Good Night my Love”

  6. What??? Jeffrey and Daniel both have songs from The Music Man? I remember the Goodnight Ladies song, but forgot that it was Jeffrey’s. Here I’ve been giving credit to Jeffrey for Daniel’s song. Wheew – I’ll get it all straightened out when I put her to bed tonight!

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