“Sometimes the easiest thing you can do to help is to just sit here!”

Monday I had the itch to rearrange our room and organize ALL THE THINGS. Ellie Jo tried to help, but that mostly consisted of throwing playing cards around and trying to open all of the dvds. Juba tried to help by chewing on anything that he found on the floor. I redirected as long as I could stand it.

Finally – Milo and Otis to the rescue!

Our room is more puppy-proofed now and I think it has a much better arrangement. What would I do without that curious cat and pug-nosed pup?


One Response to ““Helping””

  1. These two are charming together. Milo and Otis have saved my bacon many a miserable afternoon (especially if Bea was sick and sick of being in bed!). I love Ellie Jo’s wispy curls splayed out as she gives the movie her undivided attention.

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