Ellie Jo – Right Now

Sometimes she’s a diva – strolling into a house with her shades on and refusing to remove them as she coolly surveys her playmates.

Sometimes she’s a climber – sitting high in a play fort about to swing from the monkey bars. She jumped down into my arms the minute I arrived.

Sometimes she’s a dancer – giggling and throwing her head back as we twirl around the living room.

Sometimes she’s a chef – sprinkling flour over the counter and adding wooden spoons to every dish. Today she carefully scraped the last of the chocolate cake batter from the bowl.

Sometimes she’s a choir director – wiggling her index finger in her sign for “sing” and waiting for me to start a song before she’ll add hand motions.

Sometimes she’s a nemesis – batting her eyes at me as I try in vain to put her down to sleep. Last night we spent 45 minutes rocking our “babies” (a stuffed giraffe for me and her doll for her) in a vain attempt for her to sooth herself to sleep.

Sometimes she’s a momma – nursing her baby and becoming distressed when the puppy steals any of her stuffed animals.

Sometimes she’s a baby – snuggling up with me during a movie and falling asleep on my shoulder. I’d like to take one of her favorite phrases and say, “One more.” Just do it all one more time…

2 Responses to “Ellie Jo – Right Now”

  1. The outfit, the curls, the cheeks, the shades… they’re killin’ me here. She is all personality!

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