Babywearing in Toddlerhood

My baby carriers were probably my number one lifesaver during Ellie Jo’s first year of life. I tell everybody that they *need* a quality carrier…or two. Start with a Moby wrap for a newborn and an Ergo carrier for the larger babes.

Today my relationship with my carriers is not quite as desperate. I don’t need them to accomplish things around the house. I rarely use them when we are out in public. But we still use them every day to help EJ fall asleep. We sing to her as we walk and eventually I’m sure the songs alone will put her to sleep. I’m savoring the snuggle time while it lasts.

Did I say that I rarely use the carriers in public? Well…here is a picture of that rare occurrence. We kept Ellie Jo out late most nights that we were in Kenya. Finally, the night we went bowling, she melted into a little puddle of sad, tired baby. I put her on my back and continued to bowl. She was asleep within minutes. It was awkward and my game suffered, but it made the evening much more peaceful!


2 Responses to “Babywearing in Toddlerhood”

  1. Amazing! Oh what mammas will do for their little ones. Luv you both.

  2. Nothing like a sleeping baby against your body.

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