At home with Juba

We brought Juba home last night. I can already tell that he is the most curious and smart* puppy that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Within 24 hours he has learned the basic layout of the house  and knows where he is most likely to find people. He is persistently trying to make friends with Willa and, although she is playing it cool, I suspect it is going to work out in the end. He’s already comfortable with Henry and he had no problem going to the post office today.

At last, we have our family dog.

*note to my family: I do believe that Benson was one of the nicest dogs on the planet, but he was not very curious and was more laid-back than smart. So, apples and oranges here.


2 Responses to “At home with Juba”

  1. What a couple of sweet faces!

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