Fun in Kenya

We are spending the week in Nairobi for a model UN conference. Robin attends the conference with our students while Ellie Jo and I hit the town (or enjoy our hotel room while she cuts teeth).

Yesterday, Eej and I visited the Giraffe Center. Oh that little girl was in heaven. She ran around the feeding platform feeding any giraffe that would approach the wire. She begged giraffe food from other kids and charmed it from adults. She wasn’t squeamish about feeling the giraffe’s long black tongue on her hand.

In fact, she “told” Daddy the whole story when he got back to the hotel last night. She showed him how she held out her hand and giggled to show how ticklish it was. She babbled and squealed and generally communicated that he had missed an amazing experience. It is incredible to see how much she remembers and can communicate without words.

It is also fun to see a new city. Nairobi traffic is just as crazy as advertised. There always seems to be bumper-to-bumper traffic for unknown reasons. However, the drivers are more aggressive than in Kigali so I’ve not seen many “that would have been prevented if driver #1 had pulled forward two more inches and driver #2 had just muscled his way through” kind of back ups. It is fun to just take taxis everywhere and not have to worry about driving!


One Response to “Fun in Kenya”

  1. That giraffe center was the very first place I visited in Africa on my first visit in 1994! Glad you are getting to have some fun on this journey.

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