My Love

He took a break from his Model UN conference to take his girls out to lunch. I never expected to share my Valentine, but somehow I don’t mind the little Urchin tagging along. She thanked us by spending a good portion of the meal smearing butter over her cheeks – I guess the texture reminded her of lotion. It was oddly endearing.

So we share our time. Romance and butter…all in the same moment. We take those shared experiences and turn them into *our* time. We laugh. We find that the sweetness comes from being together – all together.


3 Responses to “My Love”

  1. Bethany isn’t quite old enough to smear butter on her cheeks but I definitely shared my valentine with her this year. I think you captured my thoughts exactly when you said, “but somehow I don’t mind.”

    So glad you and your little family had a nice day.

  2. This haircut is SOOOO cute on Robin!

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