That Chin

Sometimes I can’t believe that this little person is ours. And then I remember…

She is so independent – She wants to brush her teeth herself. She only likes to eat if she can feed herself with a fork. She’ll spend long periods of time wandering in the yard with the dog and the cat, sliding down the gravel pile and filling buckets with sand.

She is so in love with animals – She would watch Milo and Otis four times a day or more and chatter at all of the animals. She is friends with some crows who are nesting in a power pole behind the house and has even started to mimic their caws, “Da! Da! Da!” She lights up when my Dad shows her his cat on Skype.

She loves music – She wants us to sing to her every night as she falls asleep. She has a reputation for reminding her teacher to sing all the right songs on Sunday nights. She sings to herself in the car.

And, finally, if I ever have any doubt…I just look at this chin, her Daddy’s chin. She is SO ours.


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