The Calendar

My dad used to end up with a plethora of calendars around New Years. People used to think that they were very good advertising, I guess. He would hang one in his office and leave the rest to be scavenged by the calendar-loving kids (seriously guys, what was up with us and calendars?).

This year Ellie Jo received her first Mather and Sons Pumps Incorporated calendar from Grandpa. We put it up in the kitchen. She enjoys pointing to the animals and making all sorts of noises.


5 Responses to “The Calendar”

  1. Looks like you’re passing on your wierd calander fetish to the next generation. 🙂 I am so happy you got a new camera, I have missed your blog!

  2. Amy, I have the same one up in the office. (psssst it is now February you can turn the page to the Moutain Lion)

    • I know, I know! It is changed now and Ellie Jo has delighted in making Theo say “Mao, mao!” whenever he walks through the kitchen

  3. Ditto what Ashli said. It’s nice to have you snapping and posting again!

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