4 Gifts

This year we settled on what we hope will become our family gift-giving tradition. Each child and adult will receive: something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. This gives us a way to focus our shopping and to simplify our expectations.

We were stumped this year for Ellie Jo’s “want.” Robin kept saying, “How are we going to know what she wants for a gift?” It turned out to be really easy.

Our main Christmas shopping event is a big Christmas market at one of the hotels in town. It was held on Sunday and our little family wandered the aisles of vendors, bought cute gifts and chatted with friends. Toward the end of trip I stopped in front of a booth to talk to someone. Ellie Jo made a beeline for a little child-sized banana leaf chair, cleared it off and plopped down. She sat there people watching for the duration of my conversation. The only time she got out of the chair was to snag a banana leaf purse that was also for sale, put it around her neck and then climb back into the chair. The vendor thought it was just the cutest thing.

The little chair was just 3,000 francs.

Guess we found her “want.”


3 Responses to “4 Gifts”

  1. What a brilliant idea! I just read this aloud to my husband, and we both think it’s too cool. Smart, smart, smart.
    I hope a picture of the chair makes it to your blog. What a darling story!

  2. Very cool πŸ™‚ I love how much personality she has!

    Side note: I wasn’t sure how much 3,000 francs actually is, so I googled it…apparently Swiss francs are the default and before I noticed this, I was floored that you could say “just 3,200 USD”. Ha ha!

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