At N’Dolis

N’Dolis (en-doh-lees) is the grocery store where we most commonly shop. They have almost everything except decent meat. I go across the street to New Fiesta for my meat.

Ellie Jo is friends with everyone in N’Dolis. Sometimes she plays behind the counter with the cashiers. Sometimes she stands in an aisle near the produce and plays with the bags of rice while the produce guys watch her. Sometimes she just follows me around and grumps at all of her friends (but makes sure she shows them how well she can pull things off the shelves). It is amusing to watch her interactions.


One Response to “At N’Dolis”

  1. …..a snapshot for us of a real slice of Rwandan life for Ellie Jo. It is all normal to her and facinatingly different to us……seeing familiar and unknown brands on the wall behind her and taking in the fact that you can “leave” her with the produce guy while you shop and the contrast in skin color and language…. It is all a marvel!

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