Busy Times

Life has suddenly picked up in Kigali!

On Robin’s side of things: ISK has officially opened their candidacy for accreditation and Robin is the leader of the steering team for the whole process. Over the next 17 months he will help organize a complete assessment and documentation of everything at the school from the mission statement to the curriculum to the way the school incorporates aspects of Rwanda into the school culture. He’s doing all of this work in addition to teaching full time and starting a Model UN program. He’s one busy guy!

On my side of things: I now have two violin students and I’m tutoring math one day a week. This last week was declared “Soup Week” in our house and I fixed a different type of soup every night. We had: veggie soup, beer/cheese soup, creamy tomato soup and black bean soup. They were all a big hit.

We just found out that Chelsea and Marcus will be visiting over the Christmas holidays so now we’re *especially* looking forward to the break. Being busy will make the time pass more quickly!


2 Responses to “Busy Times”

  1. What a funny and lovely mother/daughter picture! I love those two pearls resting on Ellie Jo’s lower gums.

    You all DO sound busy! Hope Christmas comes quickly for your family!

  2. I’m so glad that Marcus and Chelsea get to come down for Christmas, that will be so much fun! Play a game of Settlers for me.

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