Urchin Update

By Robin

October 10, 2011


Category: By Amy


Ellie Jo just gets busier and busier! Every day there are more things to dump out and more messes to make. She loves to grab the peanut butter jar and bring it to someone – then stands there expectantly, patting her chest to say, “please open for me!” She wants to read books over and over. Her baby book is a special favorite. She seems to spend most of her days finding me, grabbing my hand and leading me to some new activity. Some days we just push the umbrella stroller around the house and take her baby doll in and out of it.

Still no recognizable words although she babbles all the time. She is starting to make “buh-buh” sounds for ball, baby and book. Guess it’ll be a race to see which word actually comes out first.

Really, she’s just cute! It makes the busy days easier. I can be totally frustrated that she’s dumped every toy (and kitchen item) out on the floor, but then she starts giggling and I’m ok. She makes some of the weirdest scrunched-up nose faces and she has the best laugh.


3 Responses to “Urchin Update”

  1. I just love her expression in this photo… her little blondie eyebrows arched over those baby blues with the same arch to each cheek. She IS just cute! What a charmer!

  2. My first thought when a saw this was “oh what a mess!” but almost as quickly “she is too cute!” how do you stay mad at a kid like that?

  3. I just want to pick her up and squeeze her! I want to read her books and play all sorts of things with her! Skype soon? 🙂

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