Does Grandpa Bill need a new cleaning lady?

By Robin

October 2, 2011


Category: By Amy

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This house came with shrink-wrap on every doorway and every door. It is printed with characters and attracts the eye of every person who enters the house. “What is on your doors? Did they come like that?” It is also a PAIN to peel off.

This afternoon, Ellie Jo walked up to me, grabbed my hand and led me to a doorway. The plastic was peeling at her eye level. She pushed my hand toward the plastic. “Oh, you want me to start peeling this so you can grab it?”

She set to work. Her fingers dug into the plastic, her jaw clenched and she puuuullled. The plastic snapped off. She caught her balance, dropped the piece onto the floor and went for another piece…over and over and over. It was an industrious 15 minutes in the life of Ellie Jo.

Now I’m trying to figure out how to fit “Shrink-wrap Time” into our daily routine!


One Response to “Does Grandpa Bill need a new cleaning lady?”

  1. Too funny! But, then again, what little kid doesn’t like to pick at things that are already peeling? Good idea!

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