The Story of a Clock

Once upon a time, a girl and a boy registered for wedding gifts. The boy didn’t see very much that he liked, but a strange melting clock caught his eye. He insisted that it was the *most* important thing on their registry. He joked that it had to be in their possession before the wedding.

Three days before their wedding the girl’s best friend gave them the clock. It was perfect.

The girl and boy moved away across the ocean and couldn’t take the clock with them. It ticked sadly in storage, alone.

One year, the clock was packed away into a dark black trunk with fluffy bath towels and garlic salt. It quietly kept time as it was loaded onto an airplane and shipped across the ocean.

The clock loved its new home on the yellow wall. It was useful once again. People looked at it all day and it liked the sunny room.

Then, in the dark of a Sunday night, the clock was stripped from the wall – never to be heard from again…


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