Additional Security

In the last week we’ve looked at a lot of security options for our compound.

-We discovered that it is now illegal to install razor wire or glass along the top of the wall because then “neighborhoods won’t look safe.”
-We have extra locks on all of the doors and gates.
-We have a better house system for door locking.
-We put curtains up so there will be no more peeking in the windows to assess possible targets.
-We’re firing our night guard.
-We borrowed an extra dog.

So far our things haven’t shown up. There have been a few leads, but nothing has panned out. I miss being able to listen to the radio during the day and Robin is really missing his dress shoes. But one of our room mates loaned me his camera so I don’t feel *totally* deprived.


One Response to “Additional Security”

  1. Good ideas about the loaner dog and firing your night guard!

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