Chelsea’s Wedding

Another summer-time post:
Ellie Jo was a flower girl for the very first time! My best friend found an ingenious way to include Ellie Jo in her wedding by including a little red wagon in the wedding party. It kept Ellie Jo and the ring bearer contained and cute while I walked them down the aisle and dropped them off with their daddies on the front row.

Chelsea and Marcus had a gorgeous wedding in my parents’ back yard. It was a beautiful evening full of love, friends and good food! We were disappointed that my sister’s husband couldn’t make it, but he came up the next weekend for another family event.

I can’t believe we’re all this grown up!


5 Responses to “Chelsea’s Wedding”

  1. You’ve got a big family!
    The bride looks gorgeous, and that shade of pink is very flattering on you!
    I’m guessing Ellie Jo didn’t wear her jammies during the wedding, but if she did, that set is a winner!

  2. YOU can’t believe it? How do you think your parents feel!!!!

    I still LOVE this picture!

  3. Amen! I can’t think of any one else I’d rather hang out with than this bunch!!!!!! Plus Nathan, of course.

    Can this be a yearly event? Not necessarily precipitated by a wedding each time, though!

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