How this Girl Parties

By Robin

August 27, 2011

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Before I got around to posting about our summer, Ellie Jo had such a memorable party experience that it required documentation.

She chose to wear this necklace to our ISK teacher/staff party tonight.

She. Chose. A. Necklace. And it’s pretty rockin’, don’t you think?

Then she wanted to wear her shoes. And she wanted to get everybody to dance to the music. “Now here, when I stamp my foot like this *tap, tap, tap* you should all do it too! Ok good!” And she started toting around a huge handbag.

Everyone was rolling with laughter.

This dog was the only one who understood her. But even he looks a little embarrassed by her photo-face.

One Response to “How this Girl Parties”

  1. ROFL!
    She. Is. Precious.
    I was doing fine until you mentioned the handbag, and then I lost it. Too funny!
    Wow, she grew so much during the summer!!

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