Some New Experiences

By Robin

July 13, 2011

Category: By Amy


Ellie Jo has been enjoying new experiences right and left the last two weeks. She has:
-Dressed like a cow for Chik-fil-A’s “Cow Appreciation Day” and received a free kid’s meal
-Spent days staring down the concrete tiger at Grammy and Poppa’s and finally decided that it won’t suddenly come alive and eat her
-Learned (with a dubious look) that tiny yapping Chihuahuas are *also* known as dogs
-Made a 12 hour trip to Kentucky and learned to eat Cheerios off the arms of her car seat
-Met Megan, Julie, Aaron, Heather and lots more family
-Ridden in a shopping cart
-Discovered that ice cream is readily available in America
-Tried to make friends with the waiters in every restaurant we’ve visited
-Played in a wading pool almost daily
-Made fast friends with her cousin Abigail

Watching her experience so many things for the first time reminds me that we are already raising a third-culture kid. What a challenging responsibility we’ve given ourselves.


2 Responses to “Some New Experiences”

  1. Oh, that cow costume (and smile) are PRECIOUS! The ‘riding in a shopping cart’ made me gasp out loud. Of COURSE she hasn’t done that before, but I can’t imagine if Doc had never been in one.
    It sounds like you’re having a blast back here in the states!

  2. Look at that ring! I am definitely looking for it in all of our pictures, now.

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