One Year Old!

My heart is almost too full to write this post. I’m emotional anyway as we pack up the house to move down the street, pack our suitcases to head to America on Sunday and say goodbye to the kids/teachers at school. But I just don’t know what to say that will sum up the first year of Ellie Jo’s life.

She’s learned everything in one year – how to walk, smile, communicate, roll over, recognize people, wave, recognize voices, make friends, clap, fall asleep, crawl, drink from a sippy cup, sing, dance, read books, laugh, savor tasty food. It seems like she’s learned almost everything that she will need for life in a very very basic form.

And me, I’ve learned right with her.

I’ve learned to slow down, to laugh as long as she wants to laugh, to read as long as she wants to read, to get excited when I see a dog, to let my brain do things one at a time, to enjoy the moment instead of hoping that the whole day will be “good,” to revel in the bliss of babyhood and to be in constant awareness that everyone needs grace.

Ellie Jo is my reminder that we are always learning. She learns/teaches as a natural part of her existence. I want to be right there along side her learning/teaching.

I love you, baby girl.

One Response to “One Year Old!”

  1. Thanks for this precious, moving post.

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