Experiment Day

By Robin

June 20, 2011

Category: By Amy

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Ellie Jo and I are at school until the end of the year (4 more days!) and are somehow managing to actually teach!

7th grade science has been studying plants so the culmination of the unit was an exercise in examining fruits/seeds. I brought in mango, papaya, orange, banana and tree tomato. We cut them up, examined the seed and ovary, and then enjoyed the fruit.

Ellie Jo was even able to get in on this experiment!

One Response to “Experiment Day”

  1. What a clever (and delicious) experiment… especially for the end of the school year (yeesh! Who wants to be doing calculus the last four days of anyway?). Ellie Jo looks like she’s ready for more science/papaya in the picture above! Awesomely cute.

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