11 Months Old

By Robin

May 30, 2011


Category: By Amy

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I *finally* caught her doing something other than chewing on Kermit’s eyes!

Ellie Jo and I were at a Come Before Winter renewal last week when she turned 11 months old. Thus the delay in posting.

She just grew up overnight. There was carpet on the floor of the conference room at the renewal and that was all the encouragement she needed to begin walking on her own. Momma was a launch pad and the room was her universe. She began to be steady enough to take a few steps, re-balance and walk some more. Unfortunately, she never lost the habit of throwing herself the last few steps into the object of her affection. Her little friend Caris generally bore the brunt of those dives.

Also at the renewal, I got to really observe her interactions with other babies (Caris and Micah…both about her age). She seems to be very laid back. She never got frustrated or upset with either of them. They both liked to steal her pacifier and she didn’t seem to mind. Sometime she would try to take it back, but if the first try was unsuccessful she’d just move on. She seemed to enjoy interacting with Caris and would spend long stretches of time just quietly observing her.

Both of us still enjoy a great babywearing relationship. It was a lifesaver at the renewal. I would wrap her in the evenings and she could fall asleep at any point and then sleep until the evening sessions were finished and I could put her in bed. The last evening that meant she fell asleep smack dab in the middle of the Electric Slide!

This month Ellie Jo decided that she really NEEDED to start eating food. She still nurses every few hours, but she also really wants some solid food at mealtimes. We share yogurt at breakfast and then she eats off of my plate at lunch and dinner. Some days she eats more than others, but overall she’s getting a great taste for food. We just need to convince her that food is meant to be swallowed and not just stuffed in her chipmunk cheeks. Her favorite foods right now are: yogurt, cooked carrots, pizza crust, hummus, avocado, chicken pot pie, mango and crackers.

Oh, don’t you dare try to feed her bananas…those are BABY food…eeeeewwww.



One Response to “11 Months Old”

  1. *Squeal!* Go, Ellie Jo, go! So exciting to have a WALKING baby in the house! I hope she doesn’t loose all her cute rolls from the new mode of transportation; that would be a bit sad. Her golden tufts of blonde hair make me think of summertime and dandelions. She is DARLING!

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