The good part of Mother’s Day

By Robin

May 12, 2011


Category: By Amy


Up until the fire my Mother’s Day was fantastic!

Sunday morning I woke up to a spotless house (Robin stayed up late Saturday night and washed ALL the dishes and cleaned the house) and a beautiful spread on the dining room table: yellow roses, a cherry tart and a card.

When I pulled up iTunes to play music during breakfast I discovered a brand new album: Alison Kraus and Union Station’s Paper Airplane. It was a wonderful surprise.

We had lovely family breakfast and really enjoyed the day…until 3 pm.


3 Responses to “The good part of Mother’s Day”

  1. Good job Robin!

  2. So glad to see that your first Mother’s Day as a mom started so well! Looks yummy! And such a cute little girl – reminds me of the little girl I met in West Texas in ’86!

  3. Okay, so your pottery is just blowing my mind again. The blue mugs? Yeah. Awesome. (And that tart looks pretty wow, too!)

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