The Mother’s Day Fire

The good news is that Kigali has a fire brigade. And it only takes…oh, half an hour to arrive.

The bad news is that we’re back to living with the Koonces while our house is without power.

Our fuse box caught fire this afternoon and we discovered that our house doesn’t have a shut-off for incoming power. The flames grew and grew. The wall caught fire. The box sent dripping pools of burning plastic onto the floor. The house filled with thick black smoke.

But! We live Kicukiro for a reason and within minutes of a frantic phone call to Louise Koonce our compound was full of water buckets and helpful men. Caleb Beck called the fire brigade. David Kimbrow crawled up into the attic (once the fire was out at the box) to make sure nothing was smoldering. Taylor, Tanner and Trevor entertained Ellie Jo.

We all smell like smoke and there is a thin layer of soot over most of our worldly possessions, but we didn’t lose anything. The landlord’s brother will come to the house tomorrow to assess the damage. Hopefully everything will be fixed soon.

And I have a nagging feeling that the fire brigade is going to fine us for not having a fire when they arrived. It’s my one irrational thought at the end of the day…


3 Responses to “The Mother’s Day Fire”

  1. So glad you are all okay! What a scare! Hope the rest of your week is without excitement. 🙂

  2. […] mother’s day was, thankfully, nothing like last year. We had a fun breakfast out and a normal Sunday afternoon/evening. Ellie Jo was her typical […]

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